Shipping & FAQ

Shipping Information

We aim to ship all in stock orders within 3 days.  If an item happens to be out of stock and needs to be re-run, it can take up to 14 days, however in most cases it will be sooner.  We will keep you updated during the process if an item needs to be printed.

All domestic US orders are shipped First Class for $6.00.  A Priority Mail Option is available for $11.00.  Please contact us for rates for any international locations.  Domestic orders over $100.00 will ship First Class for free.

Working with 3D Printed Resin Parts

Resin 3D printed parts tend to be brittle and fragile, however, as long as care is taken using them, they are really no different than any other part.   We ship a good portion of our parts already removed from the supports.  In most cases, all that is needed is a few quick sanding passes to clean parts up.  We recommend using Canopy Glue to attach parts, as it will give you a little bit of working time.  CA glue tends to kick very fast with these parts, but it can be used as well.  We do not recommend any sort of Goo or plastic modeling cement. 

Layer Lines

In some cases, printing causes “layer lines”. The majority of our parts are small enough that these will disappear by the time they are primed and painted. Larger parts may require a few quick swipes on a sanding stick. We strive to supply the best parts with the least amount of work required.

Returns & Refunds

Once your order ships, we do not offer refunds.  However, we do stand by all our parts.  Should you damage or lose a part, please contact us. We understand some of these things are small and delicate. 

I have an idea for a detail part/variation of a part!

Shoot us an email!

Will you custom design me “X” building, freight car, etc?

At this time, we are not offering any custom CAD work.

Other Scales

We are focusing on HO scale only right now, sorry!

Will you sell/share your CAD files/.STL’s?