About GR&M

Gotham Rail & Marine was founded in 2016 in order to fulfil a small niche in the hobby, maritime specific detail parts.  We broke into the rapidly expanding 3D printed market early on, using Shapeways to print our orders.  When at home 3D printers became popular, we moved into doing all of our orders in house.  GR&M expanded into doing custom built locomotives and became an authorized ESU Loksound dealer.  Unfortunately, we have had to par this work down to our local customer base only. 

In 2023 we decided to make a huge dive into the railroad detail parts side of things, with a large line of Strobe Lights & Beacons, many of which have never been done before.  GR&M prides itself on doing accurate, scale renditions of our parts through use of original blueprints, brochures and on-site field research.

Please check back often, we have numerous items in the works behind the scenes!