Chicago & North Western GP7R Super Detail Kit


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Super detailing kit for CNW 4100 class GP7R’s.  Many of these parts are also good for the Rock Island version, as well as several other post CNW owners.

Parts Included:
4x #3017 1st Generation Rebuilt Roof Access Hatches (bolted)
1 Pair #8003 Switch Brooms
1 Pair #3016 GP7-20 Sand Fillers (only stock GP7 hatch included in this set)
1x #3000 GP7-18 Walkway Equipment Box
2x Strobe Light Options: 1x #1009 Tomar 804 w/ Base, 1x #1010 “Warn-A-Lite” 851 Strobe
1 Pair #2000 EMD 1st Gen. Short MU Stand
1 Pair #3002 Standard EMD GP7-18 Exhaust Stack
1 Pair #3003 EMD GP7-18 Exhaust Stack w/ Super Non-Lifting Spark Arrestors Sans Screens.
1 Pair #4000 Mars Headlight
1x Plate C Model Prototypes 3020-01 EMD Ratchet Handbrake

This kit is designed to work with the newer Walthers/Proto shells, however can be used for any shell with basic modifications as outlined in the instructions.

All of the parts in dark grey in the photos are what is included in this kit.
Shell not included.